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Worker's Compensation

To file a worker's compensation claim, you must have been injured in a work-related accident at work and during work hours. Your accident must have been caused by an employer's negligence or reckless behavior in order to have a successful claim. Some of the most common work injuries include:

  • Neck and back injuries due to heavy lifting,
  • Injuries caused by exposure to toxins, chemical, or molds
  • Heart attacks and strokes caused by cumulative aggravation on the job.

If you have recently been hurt on the job or incurred any work-related illness, contact the Genesis Law Group to discuss whether your situation qualifies for a worker's compensation claim. Our job as your legal representative will be to prove your injury was in no way caused by your actions. As a worker's compensation plaintiff, you are entitled to receive damages for disability benefits, medical expenses, as well as other expenses. There are many forms of worker's compensation, and it is essential that you meet with us to thoroughly go over your options.